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Comedy | 9M 

Six knights are hired to rob a case of precious jewels from a coach on its way to the King. After their robbery is thwarted, the brigands realize that one of them must secretly be an officer in disguise. But which one? This is Quentin Tarantino's film Reservoir Dogs adapted line for line into a Shakespearean tragedy for the stage.

"Magnificent, resplendent, clever, and witty" The Spell of Waking Hours

"Faithful yet radical... surprisingly accessible" Suzy Goes See


Comedy | 2F/3M

Five friends gather at a harbourside apartment for a friendly game of Monopoly. But when the newest player suggests they play with real money, the competition heats up - and threatens to change their lives forever.

"Masterpiece... as relevant as Williamson in his heyday" That Show Blog

"A high-stakes, edge-of-the-seat battle royale" Static Cling

Published online at Australian Plays Transform

THE ITALIAN COMEDY (with Alexander Gibbs)

Comedy | 3F/5M 

Placebo is the owner of the most unfashionable fashion store in Venice, holding out against the rising tide of the capitalist Cello and his cut-rate clothing factory. But when there is unrest at the factory, Placebo gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to shelter a political dissident in his store – disguised as a mannequin. A modern twist on commedia dell'arte.

"The perfect script" That Show Blog

"Loaded with fun and funnies... a gem" Chuck Moore Reviews About


Comedy | 2F/7M 

Two soldiers in his majesty’s employ are in need of quick cash, so they pose as weavers, promising the fashion-conscious emperor a new suit of non-existent clothes that they maintain is invisible to those who are unfit for their positions. What could possibly go wrong? An unabashedly adult comedy based on Hans Christian Anderson's classic tale. 


Drama | 2F/2M 

Two married couples get together for a weekend away from the city.

But one of the four reveals a secret which threatens to tear both marriages apart. A play which challenges conventional notions of love and fidelity, and explores the manipulations and assumptions that can lie beneath the surface of modern relationships.


Drama | 8F 

A colourful Victorian melodrama about the history of the town of Wisemans Ferry, exploring the legend behind its namesake Solomon Wiseman, and telling the fascinating stories of its pioneer women. 


Drama | 2F/5M

Russell Cavanaugh fears terrorism. He is vocally in favour of stronger legislation. But a throwaway comment sees him arrested and held without charge in a military prison. As his freedom is stripped away piece by piece, Russell realizes that the only thing he has to fear is fear itself.

"Purges and shocks as great drama should" Bob Ellis
"Kicks as hard and accurately as Harry Kewell" Sydney Stage Online


Drama | One-act play | 1F/3M 

Mani has lived on the streets for most of his life. One day he crosses paths with a wealthy man, a man with the power to help him, and raise him above his station. Will Mani open the door to opportunity when it knocks? And will his good fortune change him for the better?

"An extraordinary tale... wonderfully written" Sydney Theatre Reviews

"A little powder keg of a play" Sydney Arts Guide


Drama | One-act play | 3F/1M

One day, Jerry wakes up dead. Thank God he's ended up in heaven!

But will he find it to be all he expects it to be? 


Drama | Short play | 5F or M

Five characters, each in their own spotlight, are being terrorized by unseen forces. What lies in the darkness? And what will they sacrifice to survive?

"Bluntly efficient in its cynical portrait of human instinct" The Scotsman


Comedy | Short play | 1F/1M

What’s the significance of one apple? When paradise has perimeters what choice remains? All is revealed as the first couple debate the finer points of life and relationships, with history as their jury.

"A saucy chocolate-covered treat" The Singapore Straits Times

"A nifty rewriting of the Adam and Eve story with a brilliant ending" Melbourne Stage Online


Comedy | Short play | 1F/1M

Two actors, each with a pretentious monologue to deliver. If only their inner monologues didn't keep getting in the way!


Comedy | Short play | 2F/2M

Not all is as it seems, and not all are who they seem, at this charged committee meeting - but don't worry, it'll all be in the minutes.

"A clever little piece" Sydney Morning Herald


Comedy | Short play | 2M

When two world leaders find themselves abandoned by their own armies, they must face each other on the field of battle alone.


Comedy | Short play | 2F/2M

A couple at home, alone with their thoughts - just a quiet night in with a cuppa. But there's only one biscuit left. Could it spell the end?


Drama | Short play | 4M

A young man commits a murder, but the victim's heart just won't stop beating. Based on Edgar Allan Poe's classic short story.

Steven Hopley is a writer,

theatre maker & performer

based in Sydney, Australia.





T: +61 415 117 669

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