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An actor of great range and experience,

Steven has performed on stage, in film,

on television, and over the airwaves.

Romeo & Juliet - Mercutio (Sydney Shakespeare Company) 2016

Hamlet on Fort Denison - Hamlet (Sydney Shakespeare Company) 2015


The Merchant of Venice - Lancelot Job (Sydney Shakespeare Company) 2013


Othello - Iago (Sydney Shakespeare Company) 2011


Theatre of Blood - MC (Newtown Theatre) 2009-2010


Friends in Danger - Charlie (YAPA/Newtown Theatre) 2009


The Fruit Bats of Charters Towers - Jason (Short+Sweet) 2009


How Green Was My Grocer - Burton (Short+Sweet Central Coast) 2007


The Aussie Pride Barbecue - Gazza (Short+Sweet) 2007


Last Words - Beren (Short+Sweet) 2006


Carpe Decaf - Rupert (Short+Sweet) 2006


Cyrano de Bergerac - Christian (Newcastle Repertory Club) 2005


Chrysalis - Edmund (Manic Bunny Films) 2005


The Great Election Robbery - John Howard/Peter Costello (radio play for Spikefest) 2004


I, Andromeda - Tate Worth (Central Coast Shakespeare Company) 2004


Twelfth Night on Twelfth Night - Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Central Coast Shakespeare Company) 2004


Lamb of God - Jim (The Wild Party Inc.) 2003


Hot Chips - Henri (radio play for Chameleon Productions) 2003


Saturday Night in the Shakespeare Ward - Shakespeare (Central Coast Shakespeare Company) 2003


Life Goes On - Balloon Artist (Beccy Cole music video for ABC) 2002


And Valentino Takes Hollywood - Jean Acker/Charles Bryant/William Hayes (New Australian Theatre

Company) 2002

Much Ado About Nothing - Friar Francis (Mad Cow Theatre Company) 2002


Equus - Alan Strang (Ad Hoc Theatre Company) 2001


The Wizard of Oz - The Tinman (Gosford Musical Society) 2001


Henry V - Pistol (Mad Cow Theatre Company) 2001

Steven Hopley is a writer,

theatre maker & performer

based in Sydney, Australia.





T: +61 415 117 669

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