An actor of great range and experience,

Steven has performed on stage, in film,

on television, and over the airwaves.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Romeo & Juliet - Mercutio (Sydney Shakespeare Company) 2016

Hamlet on Fort Denison - Hamlet (Sydney Shakespeare Company) 2015


The Merchant of Venice - Lancelot Job (Sydney Shakespeare Company) 2013


Othello - Iago (Sydney Shakespeare Company) 2011


Theatre of Blood - MC (Newtown Theatre) 2009-2010


Friends in Danger - Charlie (YAPA/Newtown Theatre) 2009


The Fruit Bats of Charters Towers - Jason (Short+Sweet) 2009


How Green Was My Grocer - Burton (Short+Sweet Central Coast) 2007


The Aussie Pride Barbecue - Gazza (Short+Sweet) 2007


Last Words - Beren (Short+Sweet) 2006


Carpe Decaf - Rupert (Short+Sweet) 2006


Cyrano de Bergerac - Christian (Newcastle Repertory Club) 2005


Chrysalis - Edmund (Manic Bunny Films) 2005


The Great Election Robbery - John Howard/Peter Costello (radio play for Spikefest) 2004


I, Andromeda - Tate Worth (Central Coast Shakespeare Company) 2004


Twelfth Night on Twelfth Night - Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Central Coast Shakespeare Company) 2004


Lamb of God - Jim (The Wild Party Inc.) 2003


Hot Chips - Henri (radio play for Chameleon Productions) 2003


Saturday Night in the Shakespeare Ward - Shakespeare (Central Coast Shakespeare Company) 2003


Life Goes On - Balloon Artist (Beccy Cole music video for ABC) 2002


And Valentino Takes Hollywood - Jean Acker/Charles Bryant/William Hayes (New Australian Theatre

Company) 2002

Much Ado About Nothing - Friar Francis (Mad Cow Theatre Company) 2002


Equus - Alan Strang (Ad Hoc Theatre Company) 2001


The Wizard of Oz - The Tinman (Gosford Musical Society) 2001


Henry V - Pistol (Mad Cow Theatre Company) 2001

Steven Hopley is a writer,

theatre maker & performer

based in Sydney, Australia.





T: +61 415 117 669